Are you looking for an expierenced, result-driven interim change & communication professional?

I help organizations and people to strengthen their communication. Organizations by improving their processes and tools; people by improving their personal communication. Result: a better and smoother cooperation and understanding in the organization, that will lead to achieve individual, team and organizational targets.
I use a three step approach:

  1. Identifying your communication need
  2. Making a plan what to do
  3. Organizing the implementation
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I am available as interim manager or senior advisor.

My experience lies in formulating communication strategy, translating this into tactical and operational targets, and to successfully combine this approach with a hands-on, open and result driven mentality. I feel at home in dynamic organizations and I am used to working within a national and international environment across all levels of the organization, up to executive board level. I excel in a role where I am expected to drive change, keep a helicopter view, and to connect people and processes.

My strengths are the ability to combine a senior analytical and strategic approach with a hands-on mentality, to move people towards a shared goal and to achieve results based on agreed targets. I have excellent communication skills and have knowledge of change, corporate, internal and marketing communication. Execution of my work is based on targets, commitment and involvement of stakeholders inside and outside the team, department or organization.

I have a sound background in communication, change, organization, strategy and coaching. Proven in practice and founded on theory. I can help people and organizations to strengthen their communication, both efficiently and effectively. Thus stimulating organizational development through communication development.

I am able to think strategically and to work with other disciplines within the organization and connect them with communication. In my past roles I have successfully collaborated with Finance, Manufacturing, HR, Business Development, Legal/Compliance, IT, Procurement, Branding/Marketing/Sales.

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During my career I have undertaken a broad range of (corporate) communication responsibilities and activities such as:

  • Change management and communication, Internal branding, identity/positioning issues and implementation of core values
  • Translation of company vision and strategy into clear and engaging internal Communication strategy
  • Leadership communication
  • Implementation incident- and crisis communication
  • Employee engagement (e.g. company culture, compliance, social responsibility)
  • Guidance and management of communication professionals, both local and abroad
  • Corporate communication strategy, implementation and budget management
  • Control and management of external agencies in the areas of PR, creativity and design Project lead and participation in projects regarding: mergers and acquisitions; organizational changes; corporate identity; internal branding; communication research; alternative workplace concepts; internal media; websites; sponsor event

  • Collaboration with and advising of executives and management regarding communication issues on mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations, organizational changes, venturing and crises
  • Project and process management of organizational changes, internal branding, core values and corporate identity
  • Formulating communication strategy and translation into tactical and operational targets
  • Communication coaching of executives and management
  • Review and strengthening of communication teams and individual professionals (including accountability)
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